DIY Rabbit Hutch

Rabbit Hutch and Run

Rabbit Hutch and Run

Wooden hutches work nicely if you plan to put your rabbits outside and you need them to be protected. These look nice, but they are difficult to clean (see Rabbit Care). If they’re going to be outside animals though, there is no substitute for keeping the elements and predators away.

Wire hutches, on the other hand, are very easy to clean. You should consider this option if you only plan for your rabbit to stay inside. When you have chosen your style, you are ready to try your hand at a DIY Rabbit Hutch. Look at different blueprints. They will tell you how to cut the wood and how to connect it together; or, in what arrangement to place the mesh wire.

Materials Needed for a DIY Rabbit Hutch

If you go for the wooden DIY Rabbit Hutch, you will need to get some 1/4″, 3′ × 6′, and 2′ × 2′ pieces of plywood. Make sure it is on the thick side. You need two wooden dowels at least an inch thick. You will need an adequate amount of screws and nails, so buy more if you aren’t sure you have enough. Keep some buckets nearby. Also make a note of it to pick up a smoother wood sheet for the flooring on the cage.

For an all-wire DIY Rabbit Hutch, start by getting a good amount of J clips, more than you think you might need. Pick up a door latch too. You want some heavy-duty 14 gauge wiring, 2 1/2″ in length, and 1/2′ × 1′ × 3″ in diameter. Get another type of wiring along with that, which is 16 gauge, 10″ in length, and precisely 1′ × 2′ × 3″ in diameter. Buy a J-Feeder, but make it large so that you don’t have to feed your rabbits multiple times per day.

Pros and Cons of a DIY Rabbit Hutch

If you are an inexperienced builder, the quality may turn out worse than it would if you had bought it. Although, building your own is generally cheaper, buying a rabbit hutch from a certified builder ensures you have the right cage for your rabbit breed. If you do have a background in building – or, at least, you follow directions well – then you may build something very nice for bargain prices. The outcome all depends on the builder.

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