Rabbit Hutches

Rabbit Hutch

Rabbit Hutch

Rabbit hutches are a certain kind of cage used to house domestic breeds of rabbits, along with other small domesticated animals.

For the majority of the hutches, they are framed in wood, with legs cut into the mold of the frame to keep it suspended off of the floor or ground. Typically, wire mesh is included in the sides of the hutch to allow for proper ventilation so that the rabbits can breathe.

There are all sorts of things that can be included in the construct of a rabbit hutch, including separate areas for the animals to go into, in the case of larger hutches. Some roofs are shingled, while some of them are layered with soft felt. Any of these styling choices are suitable.

Choosing Rabbit Hutch Models

There are a great many types of rabbit cages:

  • They come in different types of wood, such as pine and oak. Some have galvanized wire paneling
  • You can get hexagonal rabbit hutches that stand quite tall and upright, which are very spacious for the rabbit
  • You may even select a rabbit cage that looks similar to a dog house, with attachments that extend it and give the rabbit more room to play around in from within the hutch
  • If your bunny, or bunnies, are going to be outside, you should consider investing in a rabbit run. These are much larger constructs with wire paneling all around the sides, made out of sturdy materials to keep predators out
  • There are also outdoor enclosures that work on the same principles, but those sometimes only consist of a reinforced mesh frame without much wood paneling

Rabbit Hutches Buying Guide

Regardless of your chosen brand, the quality of the rabbit cages must be high. The wire mesh should closely cover the wood, or the rabbit will easily chew through it. Check the hutch for sturdiness, and see how it has been constructed. If it appears flimsy and cheap, avoid buying. Make sure the roof is water-proof, so that outside rabbits are kept from the rain.

Rabbit cages always need to be at least 1.5× the size of any given rabbit, so that they have enough room to romp around in. Any smaller and it will likely cramp your bunnies, making them become scared.

More Information on Rabbit Hutches

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